Be Soil Savvy


Your interest is piqued. The following links and leads are to help you get involved and learn more!

Learning on your own Schedule or Formally:

  • Journals and Publications: The Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) has an extensive list of soils publications that are worthy to follow.
  • Formal Study: There are a range of programs at universities in Canada and internationally.

Get Involved:

  • Join a group: Soil Science Societies
  • Vote in Elections for Candidates whose policies best support sustainable soil use
  • Be aware of where your food come from and what soil practices were used to grow it
  • Compost and Practice the Four R’s (re-think, reduce, reuse, recycle) – the fewer things that go into landfills, the more land is available for supporting ecosystem processes.
  • Determine how your actions impact soil use at a local and global level and strive to do something about it!

Other Resources: